Garden Maintenance – 20 gardening activities that can be done in 20 minutes or less.

At Jacks Garden Store we offer gardening advice and simple tips on how to make gardening more fun! I have compiled a great list of garden maintenance tasks that can be completed in 20 minutes or less. Now that the nights are becoming lighter if you work full-time or spend all day looking after the children, these small tasks can be completed once the day job is over. Spending under half an hour in your garden each evening will not only help you keep up with garden maintenance, the time outdoors will also help you to relax and unwind after a hard day. Once you have completed a task you will also feel a great sense of fulfilment and achievement. Garden maintenance could not be simpler!

  1. Start a hanging basket or pot a plant
  2. Pull up weeds
  3. Rake away leaves
  4. Prune a shrub
  5. Pick some fruit
  6. Fertilise your plants
  7. Mark out a new bed or plan where you would like to put a raised bed planter.
  8. Refill your bird bath and put food on the bird table
  9. Sow some vegetable seeds (check out my fantastic range of starter seed kits)
  10. Turn the compost.
  11. Train a climbing plant or vine
  12. Clean garden furniture
  13. Dig up a dead plant
  14. Mow a small lawn
  15. Transplant a shrub that isn’t growing successfully in one spot
  16. Start a new compost heap
  17. Tidy your greenhouse or garden shed
  18. Start a herb garden (check out my fantastic range of starter seed kits)
  19. Spread some mulch
  20. Take photographs of your garden in full bloom

This list shows even with limited time you can still get outdoors and do lots of garden maintenance in a relatively short time period. Use the weekends to complete larger gardening jobs when you can allocate several hours to a garden maintenance. For more gardening advice and useful tips check out my blog at Jacks Garden Store where you will find information on a vast range of different gardening topics.
Good Luck
Gardener Jack!

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