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At Jacks Garden Store we offer a great range of metal sheds!
Metal sheds are growing in popularity across the UK, offering a more secure alternative to the wooden shed and are maintenance free. Metal sheds offer safe lockable garden storage which is easy to maintain and ideal for storing valuable items, tools, bikes and large gardening equipment such as lawnmowers. With many different options for metal sheds available today ranging from heavy duty steels sheds, vinyl clad steel sheds and woodgrain effect steel sheds buying the one right for you can often be rather difficult. This guide will take you through the main considerations to think about before buying a metal shed including materials, usage, security and design.
Steel – Manufacturers such as Storemore offer a great range of hot dipped galvanised polyamid coated steel sheds which are fireproof, water tight and rain proof. These heavy duty steel sheds offer a safe and secure home for your gardening equipment. What is most surprising about this type of shed is the cost. Steel sheds often offer a far cheaper garden storage solution in comparison to the traditional timber garden shed.
Vinyl clad shed – This type of shed is PVC sheets on a strong steel frame and supports and is widely available across the UK. Storemore are one of the main manufacturers and a full range of their metal sheds can be viewed at Jack’s garden store.
Woodgrain effect Woodgrain metals sheds offer a great mix of security and style. The woodgrain finish allows this type of metal shed to blend easily into your gardens backdrop whilst its sturdy metal casing provides maximum security.
Most manufacturers of metal garden sheds provide a no rust guarantee between 8-20 years depending on the supplier. In general the lifespan of your metal shed will depend on the material it is made of and the atmospheric conditions it is exposed to. For a long lasting durable shed look for one that has been galvanised to prevent rusting. A power or painted finish will offer additional protection and can also help to improve the appearance on the metal shed in your garden.
What are you planning to use your shed for?
Think carefully about what you plan to store in your shed and where you want to put it in your garden? Will you have enough room to fit everything you need  into the space provided?
Metal sheds are extremely secure lockable storage units. The thickness of the metal panels will affect the security of your new shed. Most of the metal sheds available for purchase come with lockable doors. Research carefully the locking devices and metal thickness of the sheds you consider purchasing.
The style and design of the metal shed can be varied. A metal shed can be painted, powder coated, covered in PVC or given a woodgrain effect to make it look more appealing. You can choose whether to buy a metal shed with an apex roof which has a central peak or a pent metal shed with a pent roof which slants in one direction depending on your preferences. The size of the shed is obviously dependent on the space you have in your garden and your storage requirements.
For a full range of metal sheds check our Jack’s garden store. You can also learn more from Jacks blog on how to prevent condensation in your metal shed. You may also find it useful to view our range of plastic garden sheds so that you can make comparisons between the different shed materials.
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