Buying the right picnic table.

Think of summer…. What images does your mind conjure up?
Are you thinking of outdoor activities in the warm sunshine, barbecue’s, cool drinks outside?  If so try to picture where you and your friends and family are sat. One of the best designed outdoor seating areas made for the garden which keeps everyone gathered close together is the picnic table.
There are many types of picnic table now currently available not simply the traditional rectangular style, you will find that some benches take on different more contemporary shapes. For instance there are hexagonal picnic tables, which not only look interesting but maximise space far better than their rectangular counterparts enabling more people to sit around them, this is also the case with round picnic tables. Another benefit of the round table is that there are no corners for your children to knock or hurt themselves on.
Some other picnic tables come with benches that can be detached instead of being bolted to the table thus allowing the bench parts to move when required. You will also find lightweight benches available that can simply be folded up and put into the pack of the car to be used on day trips as well as in your back garden.
Regardless of which type of picnic table you decide to but one key purchase is a large outdoor umbrella. This key piece of garden furniture will shelter you from the sun on those really hot days and protect you from any mild showers that may occur whilst you are dining outdoors. Umbrellas are generally made of nylon and will slot easily through the whole in the centre of your picnic table.
Picnic Table materials
Wood – Your garden picnic table is most likely to be made of wood. The most popular durable varieties of wood that your table is likely to be made from are cedar, teak or pine. If treated these varieties of wood withstand rotting and cracking far better than any other type of wood.
Concrete – This is used on picnic tables in some parks  as it is indestructible, if you know where you plan to have your seating area in your garden and have no plans to ever move it then this could also be an option for you.
Aluminium –  Lightweight but still strong, aluminium tables resist rusting and are incredibly easy to clean.
Whichever style, shape and material you eventually choose you can be certain once you have positioned your picnic table in your garden you will have hours of fun and quality family time seated around it.
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Good Luck
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