Picking the perfect dog house for your prized pet

If your reading this article you will already be aware that sometimes it is not simply practical to keep your dog in your home at all times. We all love our pets but sometimes dogs need to be kept in the garden and out of the house. Perhaps your dog has outgrown your home, you are working extended hours away from home or a new arrival such as a baby has meant that you are no longer able to allow your dog to roam freely indoors.
Today there are many dog houses available to ensure that when you dog is outdoors he is comfortable and with shelter.
By taking time to choose the perfect dog house you can ensure your dog always has a place they can feel warm, sheltered from the elements and secure.
Choosing the right dog house.
The type of dog house you ultimately buy will depend on the kind of dog you have, his/her personality, the style of the house, size of your dog and your budget.
The first and foremost task is to measure your dog! Any dog home you buy should be spacious enough for your dog to easily stretch and turn around. As important as making sure it is not too small a space you must also ensure that it is not too large. Your pet will not feel comfortable in a large enclosed empty space. Think about where your dog goes to sleep in your own home, usually you will find your dog nestled in a corner or curled up in a dog bed. Try to find the size most suitable for your own pet.
Make sure that any dog house you buy is waterproof and well insulated. Kennel heaters are now available; these bite proof devices with no electrical wires will help keep your dog’s kennel and bed snug and warm in even the coldest of months.  Position the dog house or kennel in a space that is sheltered from wind and rain.
Types of dog house
Wood Dog House
Wooden dog houses or kennels are by far the most popular type of pet house. This material blends into your garden and looks in keeping with the rest of your outdoor space. Wooden dog houses are durable and inexpensive and provide great shelter for your beloved pet. Each year your wooden dog kennel can be re-painted to keep it looking fresh.
Plastic Dog house
This type of dog house is not as popular as the wooden variety however it is a growing type of pet house. A plastic kennel will not splinter. You will find many available that are competitively priced, light weight and will require less maintenance than the wooden variety. There is a wide range of designs and shapes available.
Metal Dog House
Characteristically rectangular made from either stainless steel or aluminium and deeply insulated. Cannot be chewed or scratched by your dog. This type of kennel is used regularly with hunting dogs.
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