Keeping Your Car in the Garage – That’s So Yesterday…!

19 October 2012

7.30am Sunday morning, I was up and dressed and out of the house on my way to the gym – impressed hey? But despite my good intentions I fell at the first hurdle; it was a frosty morning and my car was frozen. I couldn’t find the scraper and I didn’t want to risk the wrath of my neighbours by leaving the car engine running at that time on a Sunday morning. So I made a hasty retreat indoors.

It got me thinking and I’ve come up with the perfect solution to deal with frosty mornings – I’m going to get my husband to build a garage. That way I won’t have to worry about waking the neighbours on my early morning visits to the gym (while they last!).

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Keep Your Bike in the Bedroom and Your Husband in the Shed

8 October 2012

We’re all well aware of the ‘pleb’ scandal that is surrounding Andrew Mitchell and what he did or did not call the policemen as he cycled past. I’m certainly not going to throw my opinion on what happened into the mix. But seeing the Chief Whip on his bike, together with David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg and George Osborne all championing the virtues of cycling to work, it did bring to mind an interesting question.

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Time To Store Summer Away in a Box

4 October 2012

Now I know size isn’t everything. And bigger isn’t necessarily always better. It’s what use you make of it and where you put it that’s important. But this is exactly my dilemma at the moment. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my time for lounging in the garden is finally over and it’s now time to store summer away in a box until next year. But where?

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A Modern Woman’s Approach to Fruit Picking

27 September 2012

OK, I’m going to have to admit it. I’ve never been one for getting my hands dirty in the garden. My sort of gardening is buying a few planters and sitting from the comfort of the lounger ‘advising’ my husband about what needs to be done.

However, I’m not completely inept in the garden. I can manage picking fruit from our fruit trees. And in the last few weeks I’ve had my work cut out with all the blackberries, pears, damsons and apples – all quite exhausting but it beats going to the gym!

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Top Ten Garden Shed TV and Film Trivia You Didn’t Know – and Probably Didn’t Want To

21 September 2012

I love a good challenge and my husband – my partner in life as well as Jack’s Garden Store – has set me a cracker! He’s bet me that I can’t come up with 10 obscure facts about the good old garden shed. (Sad state of affairs that this is what our pillow talk has come to after 22 years together!).

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A Gazebo – Enjoy Being Outside Inside!

17 September 2012

That can’t have been it, surely?!! Will I never learn…?! It’s always so disappointing when you get your expectations up don’t you think?! Over before you’ve even started to enjoy yourself…

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The dirty dozen: how we reclaimed our garden

22 May 2012

OK, I’ll be honest, I’ve not been the greatest ambassador for the garden industry; my own garden has been somewhat neglected for the last decade. Since having children my wife and I have hardly bothered with it and it’s been rather overrun by children’s toys, weeds and creepers.

Having put in a bit of time, effort and a splash of cash, even though we’re far from finished, I thought I’d share with you some of the very simple things that have transformed our own little patch of England.

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And the Winner is…

18 May 2012

If you’ve submitted a product review to Jack’s Garden Store recently, watch this video to find out if you won a £250 voucher in Jack’s prize draw…

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How to create a vegetable garden on your patio or deck in 5 easy steps

26 April 2012

Growing a container garden on your patio is quite simple. If you’ve got the time for watering, and occasional pruning, you’ve got the time to grow a garden. FInd out more…

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Beat the Hosepipe Ban: Stock up with rain water during the current deluge!

26 April 2012

Since the hosepipe ban was announced, it hasn’t stopped raining! But it won’t make much difference to the reservoir levels. So don’t expect the hosepipe ban to be lifted soon. It makes even more sense to stock up with rain water now…

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