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Did you think buying a carport would protect your car from the elements and prevent birds from covering your car with their muck only to find that in actual fact birds seem to be drawn to the safe sheltered environment and use your car as their very own toilet! Your car may be protected from the rain and debris but more and more people are growing concerned with the increased number of birds nesting in their car ports.

Take Pigeons for example one of the main culprits; they have no real predator or fear of humans so are happy to nest under your carport which is safe and sheltered. One method of prevention is to use a toy owl or hawk as a deterrent.  Both of these types of birds are natural predators to pigeons and smaller birds and will scare the birds from your carport. This unfortunately is not a fool proof method, amazingly many birds cotton on to the fact that these stuffed birds are in fact toys and therefore are happy to come back and nest in your carport.

The only sure way to remove birds from your carport is to remove the shelves and ledges where they can potentially nest. You can do this by putting nails up in the shelves and ledges and tying string from one nail to another preventing birds from being able to land on your shelves and ledges. Remember you will need to do this to every ledge and shelf in your carport – leaving even one leaves you open for feathered squatters.

Alternatively you can buy thin netting or chicken wire and secure this over the ceiling of your carport so the birds can’t perch on any ledges or shelves in your carport.

Please bear in mind that according to the RSPB all birds’ nests are protected by law making it illegal to intentionally disturb or destroy a nest. Therefore it is vital to prevent the bird from nesting in the first place if you do not want mess on your car. Once they have made your carport their home you must let them stay.

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