How to store firewood for the winter?

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Firewood is a great material used to heat up your home, however storing the wood out of sight and in a spot which will preserve the wood can sometimes be a little tricky.

Keeping a small amount indoors for daily use is recommended but please keep the bulk of your firewood outdoors as the logs will contain bugs and insects.

The key to great firewood is air circulation as this enables the wood to stay dry. The most ideal storage spot for your firewood is either a specialist wood store or an open ended shed that allows you to stack your logs up off of the floor on a dry surface.
The main function of a wood store or shed is to store your firewood whilst it is seasoned. Successful seasoning requires the wood to be cut, split and exposed to sun and wind so that the wood can dry out.

Plan where you would like your wood store or shed to be located in your garden. Try to find a spot that gives you easy access to your firewood. On the coldest darkest days in winter you will want to get to that wood very quickly and not have to trample across a wet and muddy lawn.

Keep your log store at least 30 feet from your home where possible as firewood attracts insects and bugs. If space is an issue and you do have to keep your wood store nearer to your home that’s ok but please make sure you allow a gap between the store and your house wall so that your logs  can have air circulating around them, this will prevent the wood from rotting.

Cover the log store with a protective cover during severe weather conditions and remember to remove it when the weather improves so that the sun can dry the wood and remove any moisture that may have seeped through.

Stack the largest pieces of wood at the bottom of the pile in level rows and make sure weight is balanced evenly across the storage unit to prevent tipping or an avalanche.

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