Recommendations to Help Protect Your Log Cabin Against UV Damage

It’s fair to say scorching sun, unfortunately, is not something we have to deal with very often in our climate – certainly not this summer that’s for sure. So protecting your cabin from the sun may not be high on your list of to do’s, with your attention understandably focused on protecting it from damp and the effects of never-ending rainfall!!

However, it is still important to safeguard the timbers of your cabin from the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. These will cause cellular damage over time by breaking down the lignin in the wood – a complex chemical that makes up roughly 25% of its substance, effectively glueing the fibres together. UV rays can change or destroy the lignin, causing the wood to weaken and change colour, creating a food source for micro-fungi which, in due course, leads to rot.

How to help against UV Damage

1. Treat the cabin with pigmented treatments and stains with UV inhibitors/combatants

The surface of the timber is protected by the UV inhibitors in these treatments by reflecting the damaging radiation.

It’s important to re-treat your cabin every couple of years to maintain this protection.

See my blog How to Treat a Log Cabin for advice.

2. Roof overhangs

Choosing a cabin with a roof overhang is a ideal way of creating shade, so reducing the sun’s exposure on the cabin.

3. Build the cabin with trees on the west and south side

Cover from the trees will help provide shade and reduce harmful sun exposure.

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