Recommendations to Deal with Cracks and Splits in the Timber of a Log Cabin

Cracks and splits in wood occur naturally and should not be detrimental to the structure of your cabin.

Wood is a natural product and is greatly affected by its surroundings.

As both temperature levels and moisture content in the air rise and fall throughout the year, particularly during the summer months, the timber shrinks and swells as it contracts and expands to try and match this. Any cracks that appear are a normal reaction to this.

Recommendations for dealing with splits and cracks

  1. Use an external sealant or wood filler

Fill in cracks and splits with a flexible sealant or wood filler that matches the colour of the wood.

2. Make sure the base of the cabin is flat and level

It is imperative the base is level.

Cabins that are constructed on bases that aren’t level will settle into the flaws. This will result in the logs not seating correctly and the roof boards not attaching to the cabin walls straight.

This can result in issues such as cracking and splitting of the wood.

Do remember, however, that any cracks and splits are generally only cosmetic and can either be filled or disregarded as desired.

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