Security Tips for your Log Cabin Summerhouse

Whether you have turned your summerhouse into an office or a home gym, filled it with comfy furniture to create your perfect garden room, an art studio bursting with art supplies or a fully stocked garden bar…whatever you’ve decided to use it for, there’s one thing you really need to think about.


Garden buildings can be easy targets for thieves, particularly if they are situated a way from your house at the bottom of your garden, enabling intruders to break in undisturbed.

So what do you need to consider?


It’s certainly worth thinking about where you want your summerhouse to be positioned – out of sight of the street and not in a secluded area of your garden which isn’t clearly visible from your house.

Locks for the doors and windows

Fitting secure window and door locks and bolts is an obvious must.

A good recommendation for both the doors and windows is a cylinder lock with safety shield. This would prevent anyone drilling into the cylinder.

Security bolts on double doors at the top and bottom are a good idea.

The door hinges can certainly be one of the weakest points of security in a garden building so definitely think about changing the small screws that may come with the summerhouse to longer, sturdier ones or enlarge the hole and use nuts and bolts. A top top to make them more resilient is to superglue the nut to the bolt on the inside.

The hinges need to be secured to prevent them being levered up and to ensure it’s not possible for the hinge pins to be driven through or lifted out.

Motion Activated Security Lights

A great way to deter intruders by picking up their movement as soon as they are close to your summerhouse. Solar powered systems are available if you do not have electricity in your summerhouse.

Important to think about where the security light and sensor is to be positioned so it is not set off frequently.

Alarm System

With a loud siren being triggered if intruders open the door and get inside, they won’t stick around! A variety of systems are available, mains or battery powered, so it’s definitely worth having a look and investing in the one you think best for you.

Top tip – a wireless alarm is a good idea for added security as it doesn’t need to be connected to the mains and therefore is not in danger of being cut.

PIR (passive infra red) Sensors

Sensors detect heat and motion if somebody steps inside your summerhouse.

Coverings on the Windows

Both attractive and effective. Having curtains or window shutters closed when you’re not using your summerhouse will keep prying eyes out and ensure what you have inside is not on display for anyone to see.

Planting ‘Defensive’ Prickly Plants

Planting thorny plants like pyracantha or holly under windows really can be a beneficial and prickly deterrent!

Crunchy Gravel

Spreading out crunchy gravel around your summerhouse or laying a gravel path will certainly make approaching it unnoticed pretty difficult!

By following these straightforward tips you can be rest assured you’re doing all you can to keep your office equipment, rowing machine or bottles of gin safe and sound!

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