Demons, Zombies, No Wi-Fi. The Horrors That Lurk in Log Cabins.

main-qimg-0ae850e9a2f84621d9c2c72c35bb1f12So, I searched ‘Top 10 Fun Facts About Log Cabins’…it transpires there aren’t any.
So I thought I’d give ‘Scariest Log Cabin in the Woods Films’ a try. It transpires there’s no shortage of these!!
Axe-wielding murderers, demons, zombies, in-bred cannibals, no Wi-Fi…
It all goes on in a log cabin.
If I’ve learnt one thing from these films it’s to avoid any cabin with an idyllic setting in the woods by a lake – it’s likely to be a very short stay. And never go with only 5 friends.
Honestly. Don’t these people ever watch cabin in the woods horror films for a heads up before they plan their trips away? Apparently not.
But, on the flipside, if you’re over 25 you’ll be fine.
I’ve listed below the top log cabin in the woods films in case you fancy scaring yourself silly as the nights draw in.
Cabin in the Woods
Five college friends decide to spend a weekend in a remote log cabin. But they’re not alone…backwoods zombies await! But there’s more to this than meets the eye!
The Evil Dead
Five friends travel to a secluded cabin and discover a “Book of the Dead” which leads them to unknowingly re-awaken flesh-possessing demons from the woods.
Cabin Fever
Five college graduates rent a log cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus which attracts murderous locals out for revenge.
Friday the 13th
A group of young adults are stalked and murdered one by one by an unknown killer while trying to reopen a summer camp, Camp Crystal Lake, where, years before, a child had drowned.
The Evil Dead II
The lone survivor of an attack of flesh-possessing spirits takes refuge in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack.
After a serious car crash, a novelist is rescued by a woman who claims to be his biggest fan. She takes him to her isolated log cabin to recover where her obsession takes a sinister turn.
Dead Snow
A group of teens take a trip to a remote cabin where they come face to face with a batallion of Nazi zombies!

You know what? Forget the woods. I think I’ll settle for a cabin in the back garden any day 🙂
And if you fancy doing the same, take a look at Jack’s fantastic range of log cabins for sale – axe-wielding murderers not included, promise.


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