Selling house in winter? Learn how to decorate your garden for a fast sale

A lot of people believe that winter is not the right time to sell house; however, if a homeowner is in real hurry and needs to sell the house in 7 to 10 days, they can’t wait for spring to arrive? That does not sound like a practical solution.
Winter is actually a great time to decorate your home and garden; by increasing curb appeal you can sell your house fast in winter too. You have to make it so attractive that visitors crave to buy the house and agree to pay satisfactory price as well. Your garden is an important selling point; some simple, affordable DIY ideas can quickly improve the salability of your home.

Tidy your garden

Firstly make sure your lawn is cut, autumn leaves have been swept, plants dead-headed, and any debris removed. It’s a good idea to spread bark over your flowerbeds. It suppresses weeds, and it looks good during the winter months – making for a smart garden.

Place attractive outdoor furniture

Brazilia 8 Seater Cube Black Wicker Garden Furniture Set
Brazilia 8 Seater Cube Black Wicker Garden Furniture Set

Prospective buyers usually come to visit houses in day time; by placing attractive garden furniture such as chairs, center table, benches, lounge sets etc. you can make the place look elegant. Make sure that the chairs are comfortable enough. If you have trees, why not buy a hammock as well. Prospective buyers will often enter through your your garden, and get a great  first impression.
You don’t need to stretch yourself financially; buy garden furniture that come within your budget. Of course you can take the furniture and other purchases with you to your new home

Wind chimes

Varieties of wind chimes are available in the market; you should buy one that fits your budget and matches the ambience. Since you are doing it all yourself – you can always design a wind chime on your own. Then simply hang it up.
Wind chimes are soothing; and experts say that it emits a positive vibe. It will have an impact on your viewers.

Artificial flowers and plants

Not all of us are great gardeners; if there are no fresh flowers and your garden is looking shabby, place some artificial flowers and plants to make it look refreshing. You can buy some artificial winter flowers and of course the Christmas tree to give it a festive look. Let your garden speak to the prospective buyers on your behalf.


Get some large but portable pots and start growing plants in it. If a plant start flowering, just move it to a more visible corner. You can paint the containers so that it matches with the color of the flowers.

Garden lights

Why I have placed lights as my last suggestion? I do believe that lights and lanterns can add an elegant flavor to your garden. But when you are trying to sell your house, you can expect your visitors to come in the day time. So garden lights will often make no difference; still you only need one buyer, and if they do come at night, outdoor lighting could have a magical effect.
If you have any other suggestions for improving your garden before putting your house of the market, please add a comment below…

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