7 Tips for Picking the Right Garden Furniture

Royalcraft Vito Red Aluminium Garden Furniture Set - 4 Seater
Royalcraft Vito Red Aluminium Garden Furniture Set - 4 Seater

Everyone wants to improve the look of their garden; however, improvement can not always merely be attained by the grass and flowers on their own. A really big change in the look of any garden space can be achieved by strategically placing a few well-selected pieces of garden furniture. Other than altering the look, these pieces can provide a place where all family members can comfortably relax in a beautiful setting, or simply unwind after a hard day’s work. Selecting the right garden furniture is easier if the following tips are kept in mind:

1. Consider the Climate

Fully understanding the climate of the area in which one lives will invariably help one to select the furniture that is most weather-appropriate. For example, if one resides in a temperate climate with significant rainfall, the exterior furnishings obviously need to be fit to last through many years of wet weather. If your local weather forecast calls for rain more often than not, then wrought iron or cast iron furniture would be most appropriate, as it tolerates water-related wear and tear better than most other materials.

2. Multi-Tasking

Select pieces that are functional as well as good looking. Garden furniture does not have to be something that merely adds a pleasant look to the garden; for example, selecting an ottoman that comes with storage space under the seat is great for putting away knick-knacks. Also, chairs with folding seats makes moving them from one place to another easier. Modern furniture, in particular, is known for its utilitarian simplicity.

3. Room to Roam

The third major consideration is the amount of space available. The same general principle that one adapts indoors can be used outdoors as well. If one is blessed with a lot of space, then gargantuan pieces may be selected. With a limited amount of space, minimalist pieces would – of course – be more appropriate.

4. Comfort is King

Prague Sofa and Table Furniture Set
Prague Sofa and Table Furniture Set

Obviously, once the furniture has been purchased, it will presumably be used by friends and family for years to come. So, make sure it is comfortable because it is going to be used by guests you want to please; avoid getting stuck with something that will be uneasy to sit on. Before buying the chair, sit on it yourself and test it out to make sure it feels right.

5. Don’t Break the Bank

Have a definite budget in mind. The cost of garden furniture can vary greatly, so having a budget will keep one focused on pieces that are appropriate to the economic situation. This does not mean one should compromise on quality; it pays to spend to get durable, quality material that will provide long-lasting pleasure. The nicest pieces of garden furniture can be expensive, but the good thing is that one does not have to buy it at the spur of the moment because one can’t manage without it. Unlike a bed, which one needs as soon as one moves into a house, the purchase of garden furniture can easily be delayed for a few weeks or months while one arranges the proper finances.

6. Make it Your Own

Another way of getting great furniture is to visit flea markets and pick good quality pieces, then personalize them according to one’s own tastes and needs. One can get all kinds of ideas from the internet, and by using stencils and paint, one can customize the furniture according to their own taste. It’s your home, after all, so it should reflect your personality!

7. Protect Your Investment

Match furniture with covers, especially the larger pieces that can’t be stored due to space or which are not convenient to move. Furniture can be made to last longer by protecting it from snow and sleet during the winter months by covering with heavy duty covers. This also protects it from excessive sunshine and rain.
There is a very wide range of garden furniture available that is suitable for all budget ranges. Everything from teak and cane, to aluminum and plastic or wrought iron, can be acquired. When getting ready to buy the furniture, don’t just consider the furniture; have a plan for the plants that are to be found in the garden and in the overall environment. When the furniture matches with the surroundings, it creates a harmonious effect that is very inviting to guests. Once all the plants, decorative stone arrangements, lights and garden furniture pieces are all in their correct place, your garden will truly be a beautiful sanctuary from the hectic world beyond.

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