A Garden Summerhouse or Log Cabin Can Double Up as a Home Office

A summerhouse or log cabin is the perfect year-round garden building that can have multiple uses. This additional space can be used as a home gym, a place for band practice, a relaxation room, an entertainment room or even as a home office. With the right kind of building materials and proper installation, you can create an outdoor space that stays dry and secure all year round.

Getting Power to Your Garden Office

It is relatively easy to have electricity installed in your garden summerhouse. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, you can easily accomplish this task on your own by reading a few good how-to books about installing electricity to outdoor buildings. However, it is understandable that many people do not wish to tinker around with electricity. When faced with issues like this, you should always enlist the help from a licensed professional electrician.

Advantages of a Garden Office

Having a garden office has numerous advantages to people who work from home. Being able to work anywhere else outside of the home for any number of hours can have a very positive impact on your business because it gives you a much-needed break from the everyday home life.

Provides a Distraction-Free Workspace

A log cabin office will help turn your home business into a more functional endeavor by providing you with a private space that is outside and away from your home. Since it is its own building, you can get relief from common distractions in the house. Rather than having customers walk through your house to visit your home office, it would seem a lot more professional to visitors if you had a separate building for your office.
The flexibility of having a summerhouse that can be used as a home office makes it easy to be able to pop into the office whenever you feel like it. Whether it be early mornings, late evenings or in the wee hours before dawn, a garden office can provide you with a place to go outside of the home where you don’t have to worry about any distractions. It is also great to have your own space so that you don’t interrupt anyone else’s activities in the home. For example, if someone in your home starts playing on their drums but is interrupted by you because would like them to stop making so much noise, having your own private place to retreat to can be an invaluable asset that benefits everyone in your home.

Add to the Aesthetic Value of Your Garden Office

  • Add a stone pathway leading to your home office.
  • Plant flowers and bushes around the exterior of the building.
  • Add solar lights to your walkway.
  • Put up a business name plate on your building.

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