Garden Patio Set Essentials

A new patio set can enhance your garden and turn a tired rather plain looking area in your garden into an attractive outdoor dining area.
When buying a new patio set you must consider what material you want it to be made from. Not only will the material affect the appearance of your patio but it will also affect the future level of maintenance your patio set will require. For instance a wooden patio set will require annual staining whilst a metal patio set will require little/no maintenance.
You can buy a patio set at most garden centres, large DIY stores and online. You will find that prices are generally cheaper online but you will be required to self assemble most furniture sets that are delivered to your home. Rest assured that assembly is pretty straightforward and all reputable suppliers will provide comprehensive assembly instructions. Do bear in mind that if you opt for a heavy weight patio set you will need more than one person to assemble the set due to the weight of the parts.
An attractive patio set can help to transform your garden, once you have decided on which material you would like consider what size table you are after and how many people you wish to entertain outdoors. You should also consider how much space you have and make sure that the table and chair set is not too big or equally too small for your patio.
Another important factor is comfort, a rattan chair can be more comfortable than a metal chair but if you are set on having a metal patio set you can purchase or make attractive cushions that will increase the level of comfort you experience.
Storage is another factor that you must consider. Some patio sets can be kept outdoors all year round whilst others should be stored in your garage or shed throughout the winter months. If you are planning to buy a patio set that must be stored indoors you may want to buy one with stackable or folding chairs so that it takes up minimal space. Alternatively covers can be purchased from most DIY stores for your patio set.
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  1. I think investing in a decent patio set is definately worthwhile. We've eaten outside loads of times this year as we bought an outdoor gas grill as well. The kids love it and the birds help tidy up after them as well!
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  2. It's also worth considering using fibreglass pots as an alternative to traditional terracotta or plastic pots. GRP
    pots are strong, durable and watertight as well as being light enough to maneuver around.

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