November Gardening Tasks

Planning how to protect your plants from the cold weather is a major part of this month’s gardening tasks. Before the very cold weather sets in there are a few essential gardening jobs that should be carried out at this time of year. Now that the clocks have gone back you will need to plan to complete these gardening tasks on the weekend if you work during the week.

  1. Rake up falling leaves and put into your composter.
  2. Dig over your vegetable patch. You can dig a trench and bury the fallen leaves into your veggie patch instead of taking them to the tip or adding them to your compost heap. The leaves will soon rot down.
  3. Don’t walk on your lawn after a heavy frost as this will cause yellow patches on your lawn after the frost has gone.
  4. Plant trees and shrubs and add slow acting fertilizer such as bone meal or fish meal into the hole.
  5. Dig up the some of your parsley plant including the roots and plant into a small container which can be placed in a sunny spot in your kitchen.
  6. Protect tending plants from the cold weather and frost by using garden cloches or poly tunnels which are ideal for covering entire beds.
  7. Move any tender potted plants into a cold frame or your greenhouse to protect them during the winter.
  8. You can cut the tops off of Jerusalem artichokes, dig them up and store inside your garden shed or garage with potatoes.
  9. Move Japanese Acer trees to a sheltered spot and protect them from cold winds.
  10. Get your lawn mower serviced.

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