Garden sharing schemes

Garden sharing schemes have been arising all over the UK. The aim of garden sharing projects is to pair up people who can no longer cope with their gardens with local green fingered neighbours who are desperate to get stuck in but have no or little green space of their own.
In Edinburgh the garden sharing scheme is funded by climate challenge fund, local residents have already began to feel the benefits. Keen local gardeners are helping to reduce the burden felt by some residents from having a large garden that they can no longer cope with.
Previously allotments were the perfect alternative for those of us looking for a plot of land to work on but in some areas today you have as much chance winning the lottery as you getting an allotment. In towns such as Bath the waiting list is 5 years for an allotment and in some areas of London this is far longer!!
Fresh Veg
The garden sharing scheme is encouraging people to grow their own fruit and vegetables which reduces food miles and allows the members of the scheme to enjoy organic vegetables all year round.
One of the co-ordinators in Edinburgh of the garden sharing scheme Tony Brash hopes that “through growing more food locally we’ll reduce carbon emissions.” Food will not be travelling the same distance as supermarket bought produce and it will not have anywhere near the same level of packaging.
Social Contact
Garden Sharing schemes encourage social communication within a local community as well as bringing different generations together. In todays society you are less likely than ever before to know or speak to your neighbours. Garden Sharing schemes help bring people together with shared interests.
In Edinburgh there are now 60 garden owners hoping to matched up with keen gardeners and there are about 40 volunteers on the list. If there pairing is successful derelict areas of the city and overgrown gardens could become a thing of the past.
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