Wooden Sheds – The construction boom in our back gardens!

The BBC has today reported that the number of wooden garden sheds in our back gardens has been increasing at a rapid rate since the beginning of the recession.
The rise in the number of redundancies and shortage of new job vacancies has created a new workforce of ‘Sheddies.’
Whilst new building schemes have been halted nationwide a new wooden construction boom has taken place in the form of timber buildings such as garden sheds and log cabins.
Sheds were previously thought of as a man’s domain at the bottom of the garden, used for storing tools or used for hobbies such as woodworking, increasingly now though it is women who are embracing working life in a shed where they can carry out creative work away from the noise and distraction of home life.
A garden shed is a great place to work, the commute to the bottom of the garden is short, phone lines and wireless internet access can be easily set up and the cost of these additional rooms are relatively cheap in comparison to building an extension or renting office space outside of your home.
If you like the idea of working from a wooden shed at the bottom of your garden then take a look at the wide range of wonderful wooden garden sheds at Jacks Garden Store.
The key to building a successful working environment is to ensure that you buy a garden shed or summerhouse with windows to allow plenty of light into your new workspace. During the summer months you can keep the door open to allow fresh air to flow freely into your timber building to keep your working area well ventilated. During the winter months working in a shed can be cold so make sure that you get your garden shed insulated if you plan to work out there during the winter months.
The most popular size of wooden garden shed is an 8×6 shed, think carefully amount the amount of room that you have free in your garden and the size of the work space you require before purchasing a wooden shed.
People are now having to use the space in the home and garden in a more flexible and multi-purpose way. For more alternative ideas on what a shed could be used for visit my blog at Jacks garden store where you will find some interesting ideas.
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