5 of the best spring bulbs

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If you want to garden to look glorious next spring now is the time to start thinking about what spring bulbs you should buy now ready to plant in the autumn. The bulbs can be planted in your flower beds, planters or raised beds ready for the following spring.

Top five spring bulbs.

1. Fritillaria Raddeana

A tall plant that is similar to Imperial Fritillary but with beautiful pale green flowers. This plant is happy in the sunshine or the shade.

2 and 3. Tulips

A new single tulip called ‘Cairo’ is a fabulous spring flower. The Cairo tulip can be described as a hanging lantern that is lit from within. The inside of this flower is a rich burnt orange shade and the exterior is a dark orange brown that is simply fabulous!

The second type of tulip that I would recommend planting this autumn is a double tulip known as ‘Exotic Emperor.’ This is a wonderful white tulip that lasts a staggering 6 weeks.

4 and 5. Daffodils

My first daffodil recommendation would be ‘Jenny’ this beautiful daffodil with a delicate white flower with a yellow-cream centre will look simply stunning in spring. Remember no spring garden would be complete if they did not have an array of blooming daffodils on show. My second choice of narcissi is the ‘Trepolo’ which has a split corona or is known as new papillon. Through the centre of the flower there is a narrow orange strip which adds some pizzazz to this daff!

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