Jack's quick guide to buying a garden shed

When choosing a garden shed there are some important questions you must ask yourself first:
1 – What will I be using it for?
2 – Where will it be situated in my garden?
3 – What type of material do I want my garden shed to be made from?
Do your research and plan how much you reasonably want to spend, if you can I would always recommend purchasing the largest possible good quality garden shed that you can comfortably accommodate in your garden without it making your garden look too overcrowded. You can guarantee over time the amount of things you want to store in your shed will only increase.
There are three different types to choose from:
Wooden Sheds
Metal sheds
Plastic Sheds
Wooden Sheds
Wooden garden sheds are the most traditional type of available. A wooden shed is the most attractive type and it blends comfortably into your garden’s backdrop thanks to its natural materials. You must be aware that timber sheds do require treatment and some maintenance to ensure that the it remains in good condition. The finish of can be either overlap or shiplap. An overlap shed’s timber is rough sawn and each slat overlaps the next as the name suggests. This style looks rather rustic. A shiplap shed on the other hand has each timber panel connected to the next with an interlocking tongue and groove joint. Each panel is nailed into place and the over look of the shed is far more polished. You will also find that shiplap sheds are far more damp resistant.
Metal Sheds
Metal sheds are made from galvanised steel; they are rot, rodent and fire resistant. A metal shed offers superior security over a wooden shed and are completely maintenance free. However they are not as attractive in your garden.
Plastic Sheds
Plastic sheds are simple maintenance free sheds that are weather resistant. Larger plastic sheds are likely to have steel reinforced structures to increase stability.
There are two different styles of garden shed to choose from:
Apex sheds
Pent sheds
An apex shed has an inverted v shaped roof. The highest point of the roof is the central ridge and the sides then slope down. This is the traditional roof shape.
A Pent shed has a roof that slopes down to the lowest point at the back of the shed allowing rainwater to flow this way.
For further information about buying a garden shed visit my blog. At Jacks Garden Store we also offer a wide range of garden sheds with free delivery directly to your home.
Good luck
Gardener Jack!

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