Rain Chains : A great alternative to guttering

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What is a Rain Chain?

A rain chain is an alternative to a traditional metal or plastic gutter downpipe. Originally from Japan rain chains are used in many gardens across the UK as an extremely decorative water feature that transports rainwater or other water from the guttering to the ground, into a basin a rain barrel for storage or even a drain!

Rain chains are essentially a chain of beautiful metal cups chained together with a hole in each bottom which form a pathway for water to flow. There are several different styles of rain chain currently available ranging from descending funnels or cups, descending flowers or the simplest type of chain which is the link chain which is a series of linked metal loops available in a whole variety of patterns.  Each type replaces most forms of guttering and allow you to watch what was once boring rainwater rhythmically dance and flow through each individual part of the rain chain from your rooftop to the ground. The sound that comes from this product is incredibly relaxing (even slightly hypnotic!)

They are usually made of thick copper, brass, aluminium or iron based materials and are very easy to install adding a touch of elegance to any garden.

A rain chain does not simply need to be used in replacement of guttering, why not create an original focal point by using a rain chain as the fountain entry to a stunning water feature like your pond or even a rain garden. This item will not only look good but will also help to move the water in your pond without the aid of a pump.


Rain chains are very easy to install, they come with hooks that fit into the gutter. The hook is shaped like an upside down letter V. You must hook this into the hole of the downspout. You need not fret over seals or leakages as rain chains are a cascading water feature.

If you are looking to purchase a rain chain do bear in mind that they are generally sold by the length so make sure you have your required measurements ready.

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