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Outdoor  Lighting Designs and inspirations
Outdoor lighting it not purely about security. More and more of us are looking to use lighting to create an ambience within our gardens. Today our gardens can be used as outdoor rooms (weather permitting!) so getting the lighting right outside is just as important is getting it right inside the house. We are going to look at how the right mix of permanent lights, decorative lights and candlelight can really set your garden off and give it a magical glow!
Permanent Lighting
Permanent lighting in your garden needs to be wired into your mains electricity. To reduce the amount of work for yourself and to ensure that you put your lights in the right spot the first time, practice initially where you would like your lights to go by using torches. Think practically – walk to your front door or to your garage in the dark and see the places that really need lighting.
To make your garden appear larger use uplighters to shine against a back fence or wall. This trick will help to lengthen your garden’s appearance.
But remember, in design .. less is more. Individual light spots amongst the dark will help to create a wonderful magical atmosphere.
Key points to remember

  • Use the right light bulbs, 40w are best as 50w bulbs can get hot and are not suitable close to your plants.
  • Bear in mind what effect your lights will have on any neighbours, will they shine into a bedroom. Always try to be considerate.

Ambient Candlelight

Candlelight creates a fantastic atmosphere on a summers evening. It can make any garden party or outdoor supper feel magical. In order to ensure you create the wow factor, mix different kinds of lighting including tea lights and small and large lanterns. Tealights look great laid on the table and larger lanterns are very well suited hanging from trees or on standing points on the ground.
Remember to keep any open flame away from plants and pets. At the end of every evening scrape off any dried wax from your lanterns and tea light holders and store them indoors to ensure they remain in top condition and so can be used again and again.
Fairy Lighting
These look fab in any garden and your lights can be hung almost anywhere, from a tree , on your house or around a walkway or wall. The range of fairy lights currently available is vast and you can choose whether to purchase ones which run on electricity or are solar powered.
Take your time to establish whether you are looking for traditional fairy lights, or more contemporary lights in coloured balls or mini lanterns. Net lights and curtain lights are also another option available and can be used on a wall or large window. Rope lighting is also available but can sometimes be considered a little tacky and you may run the risk of your guests feeling they are at some naff pub disco.
Do please bear in mind that less is more .. too many lights in one small area can look overdone and garish.
So to conclude, take your time plan carefully and with the right mix you can create a wonderful magical area within your garden which people will remember and adore!
Good Luck
Gardener Jack 🙂

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