Buyers guide: Wooden or metal climbing frames

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Your children have been nagging you for a climbing frame for the past couple of months, you have gradually been putting a little by each month in order to treat the little darlings and now the time has finally arrived for you to start researching what type of climbing frame you want in your garden.

Depending on the size and style of your garden there are a huge range of climbing frames currently available. Some are modern and contemporary, others more traditional in look and feel. For instance, a traditional climbing frame is usually wooden, simplistic and can be a lovely feature to look at in your garden. A modern frame can also be pleasing on the eye and made from either wood or metal. The modern frame can include a range of swings, slides, ropes, beams, climbing walls, trampolines, bridges, tunnels and ladders.

Please remember that the more gadgets and features your frame has the higher the price is likely to be. A child’s greatest tool is his or her imagination; they will not require a huge fortress to entertain themselves; even the simplest of climbing frames can bring hours of joy to any child.

Wooden climbing frames

Wooden frames will need to be treated as wood naturally expands and contracts throughout the year, this will affect the colour of your frame. The natural colour of wood will blend into your garden rather than stand out. I advise to look out for a pre-treated (ideally pressure treated) climbing frame which will usually give you 15 years of service life. Some manufacturers guarantee their products. Also, look out for the FSC logo. This means the wood has been sourced from a sustainable forest that is properly managed.

Metal climbing frames

This is generally the cheaper option and has less maintenance issues. However please check which type of metal is used as steel, the cheaper but heavier option, tends to rust after 4-5 years where as an aluminium frame which costs a little more lasts a great deal longer.

Choosing the correct sized climbing frame is another important consideration. When planning your purchase, measure the space in your garden where you plan to put the frame. Make sure any frame you are looking to buy will fit comfortably into that area. Allow room around the frame for your children to run freely. Also take into consideration your child’s age, size, current capabilities and requirements for the next few years.

Note from Jack– in the UK the specified height restriction for a climbing frame is 13ft. If you do however wish to erect a larger structure you can do so but you will need to contact your local council to seek planning permission.

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Good Luck

Gardener Jack

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