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When creating our perfect idea of what a garden should be, we tend to focus heavily on the soft green stuff like the plants and lawn and often overlook the hard structures in our gardens that provide us with the definition, the lines and the boundaries that provide structure to our gardens.

Garden structures can really bring your back yard to life and make a huge difference to the look and feel of your green haven.

Picture a garden, imagine itโ€™s current state to be flat with little height at the borders thanks to a shrub or two and the old tree at the bottom of the garden. Now imagine that same garden with a simple but spectacular arch in the centre sweeping over the path with beautiful flowers blooming across the entire structure. The arch brings a new depth and central focal point to any garden really improving the overall look and feel of that area.
The simplest and often the most cost effective hard structure that will really make a difference in your garden is an arch. You will find that there are both many styles and materials to choose from. How effective a garden arch will be in your garden will be based upon what kind of plant you grow up it and where you are planning to position the arch. Bear in mind that many different words are used to describe arches. Some often refer to pergolas and gazebos in the same breath depending on where you are in the country. They are all very different things but you will often find these words being intermingled.
The actual appearance of the arch structure can vary quite dramatically. Garden arches vary from having flat, peaked or curved tops. Some have an oriental feel whilst others follow a more traditional cottage garden style (the Rose arch). Garden arches will mainly be either made from wood or metal. Both have their pros and cons. Just find the one that suits your needs. Check out our store for different styles of garden arches at incredible prices ready for self-assembly.
Regardless of style most arches will have trellis on the sides to help your favourite climbing plants navigate the structure. For those of you with larger gardens you can purchase extra wide garden arches. Just wide enough to drive the ride-on lawn mower through ๐Ÿ™‚

Jacks top tip! – Remember a garden arch should always lead somewhere or have a resting place in the form of a bench or seat underneath. Think of a focal point, imagine a pathway and bring some creative flair into your designs. You’ll be so proud of what you can come up with a simple diy garden arch.

Have fun and Happy Gardening
Gardener Jack

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