Childrens Outdoor Playhouses – The How to Guide

Playhouses may have moved on since our childhood but they still remain one of the most popular features our garden can offer our little ones! Hours and hours can pass as they live out their fantasy games or simply run riot outdoors in our gardens. Today playhouses no longer need to be the simple wendy house structures of our youth, it’s common to see pirate ships or medieval wooden towers over your neighbour’s fence.
Now thanks to prefabricated kits, every parent can easily follow instructions and create an amazing outdoor play area for their child.
Before you begin to consider which style of playhouse to buy please take a moment to consider the following:

Playhouse Location

Where in your garden do you want the playhouse to go? It must be in a spot which is visible from your home and where it gets plenty of sunshine. Also, as children love to run around their playhouse make sure the surrounding area is safe with no tight corners or dangerous areas such as ponds nearby. Once you have picked the spot you will then be able to think about what size playhouse you can get.
The ground
After the location has been chosen, you must prepare the ground. Please ensure the area is perfectly level and if budget permits I would recommend laying a concrete foundation (If cost is an issue, laying concrete blocks with sand is a cheaper alternative).
Wood Preservative
Treat the wood of the playhouse. By treating the wood you will help to protect the wood and delay rotting and flaking of the structural parts. Most playhouses now come already pressure treated and some manufacturers offer a 15yr guarantee against rot. Make sure you look into this .. it could save you a fortune in wood treatment each year, plus the back-breaking task of application!
That’s the boring considerations over with – now the fun bit! Choosing and buying the playhouse becomes much easier once you know what you are looking for. There is currently a huge range of different playhouses on the market that come in all shapes and sizes. Most come flat packed ready to be built at home. Most will come with the option of adding a variety of attachments including swings, ladders, tunnels, monkey bars, slides, picnic tables or even a rock wall!!
Having a play house in your garden is great for kids of all ages and as your brood grow up so can the attachments. The toddler swing can be replaced by a more grown-up swing and there are lots of additions that can ‘evolve’ through the years alongside your kids.
When you have decided the size and style of playhouse and what attachments, if any, you want, as a parent it is vital that you choose a playhouse that has been produced correctly and each item is of an exceptional standard to ensure your children’s safety. Look out for reputable companies with guarantees on safety for your children. Make sure it comes with a set of full instructions so you can be confident when erecting the house.
Good luck finding your perfect outdoor playhouse!!
Gardener Jack 🙂

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