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Which? Gardening recently put solar lighting products to the test to reveal just how effective they are. 13 widely available solar post lights and spot lights were put to the test to find out just how practical a solution these lights are in helping you to navigate your garden after dark or whether they are purely a decorative item.
Solar lighting enables you to use the days sunlight to light your garden on an evening after the sun has set. No plugs are required, this method of lighting is economical and eco-friendly. Whats more as ‘no wiring in’ is required your solar lights can be moved around your garden whenever you feel the need for a change.
The question on the mind of the skeptical gardener is… ‘Do they really work during a cloudy typical Britsh summer day or on those wintery nights?’
Well the majority of the solar lights tested produced a decent amount of light in both clear summery and cloudy wintery conditions, however the length of time they shone did vary. Expect at least four hours of light from a decent solar lighting product, but do bear in mind the amount of light they give off is simply enough to enable you to keep within your borders!!
When shopping for your solar garden lighting consider:
LEDS – Light Emitting Diodes
This type is smaller and more energy effecient than the bulb type but due to the size they do not give off a great deal of light.
All require the use of batteries
The Solar Panel
The larger the better. Some solar panels can be angled to allow maximum light capture where as others are a fixed panel on top of the light.
Remote Panels
A great idea if the area you want lighting in the evening isn’t in full sun during the day. Please remember that if the panel is a multi light powering facility it will require higher battery power.
On/Off switch
A light sensor that switches off the LED at dawn and on at dusk. You will find some lights that can have an over-ride switch but beware this will usually turn off the solar panel as well as the bulb so you cannot leave the light to charge over several days without it using the energy to light your garden on an evening.

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