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Shiplap Workshop Shed 20x10

Shiplap Workshop Shed 20x10

It’s a sad fact, but the truth is when it comes to garden sheds people rarely put thought into the type. Indeed, many people don’t even consider different types –  if they know there are any at all. Rather, a shed is most often just thought of as a wooden structure for keeping tools and a lawnmower, with the only noticeable difference being the size.

The actual truth could not be further from that viewpoint, though. A shed is not only distinguished by its size, but mainly by its construction material and usage type.

Garden Sheds – 4 Types

There are four main types: basic, three in one, tool and large. A basic shed is the average type and is extremely easy to construct. More often than not they are made of wood and used for storing gardening tools and equipment. A three in one shed provides the option of having a gazebo and potting shed along wide a standard shed, too. The shed section can be used for general storage. A tool shed is particularly useful for the keen gardener; they provide space for storage and make it easier to keep tidy thanks to hooks for hanging tools, which makes them ideal for those with smaller gardens. Metal sheds often are popular choices for tool sheds. Finally, large garden sheds give ample space for tools and equipment, but of course these are best suited to larger gardens.

Vinyl and Metal Sheds

Metal Shed - Dark Grey

Metal Shed - Dark Grey

Although wooden sheds are extremely popular, you shouldn’t neglect the option of vinyl or metal. The main benefit to vinyl and metal is their durability; unlike their wooden counterparts, they do not need to be treated against the elements or varnished to stay looking new and fresh. You may also find that metal or vinyl offer better protection against garden wildlife like mice and spiders, as they will not warp like wood, which provides ample-sized holes for insects and small animals to crawl through and make their nest. Vinyl sheds in particular also tend to be light, which makes it easier to erect as wooden sheds can be very heavy, especially the larger ones.

Financing your shed

Of course the larger, higher quality sheds are more expensive. The temptation is to buy the smallest or cheapest option; the problem with this is that they may not be up to the task – ultimately a false economy: you may find yourself having to  replace your shed soon after your initial purchase.

In these instances, it is a good idea to start a savings account or ISA to save up for the perfect shed. There are a number of easy access accounts available to consumers so you can put some of your income aside to save up for the shed you need easily and quickly, and then access it whenever you need it.

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