How Does Your Garden Grow? By Saving Money on Supplies!

Gardening is a beautiful and enjoyable pastime. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is always something new to learn. One thing to keep in mind is that gardening doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of easy ways to save on your supplies without sacrificing quality. Try these tips and watch your garden – and your wallet – flourish.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

After you’ve made a list of what you’ll need for your garden, check in your house or shed to make sure you don’t already have one. You might think you need a new spade, only to find you had bought one the previous year and stored it away. Ask any friends or relatives who live near you to see if they have extras of things you need that they can donate to you or let you borrow. Look around your house for items you could re-purpose for gardening, too. Empty yogurt or margarine cups could make good small starter pots.

Shop Smart, Shop Creative

Garden Supplies
Garden Supplies

Gardening supplies are usually the least expensive early in the season, so purchase them as soon as possible. Some items on your list may not need to come from a home improvement store, either. You can find things like gloves, seeds and simple tools at pound shops, and will pay a lot less for them. Try car boot sales for shovels, wheelbarrows and other tools. If you do shop at retail stores, look online to see if they have any coupons or vouchers available you can use.

Plant Flowers, Not Fortunes

birth tree planting a snow bell
birth tree planting a snow bell

When deciding what plants to buy, choose low-maintenance, sturdy plants that are native to your area. They are less likely to perish from a freeze. Instead of paying premium prices for your flowers, visit a local nursery, flea market or farmer’s market. You can often find what you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost of a large retail store. Visit several places to compare prices before you buy. Another option is a plant swap. Trade plants with friends, or turn it into a community event.

Make the Most out of Compost

Budget Composter
Budget Composter

Start a compost pile in your garden. Not only does it reduce trash, it saves you money by making it yourself. If you prefer to get it elsewhere, though, you can still save money. If you know someone who does landscaping, check with them for places that sell compost cheap. You can also contact your town’s local authority to see if they turn waste into free compost.
Gardens take time and patience, but the beauty and fulfillment they provide are worth the effort. Saving money on gardening supplies is a similar process. With a little searching and inventiveness, you can turn that space in your garden into an inexpensive haven.
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