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Lets be honest .. we all love a bbq. Whether cooking with charcoal or gas, Jack’s bbq preparation guide will help you plan that perfect occasion.

Picking the perfect spot

Spare a few moments to consider the best location for your bbq :-  Always allow plenty of space around your barbecue and avoid placing too near to fencing, buildings or plants that could catch light. Consider, where children and pets will be playing.

Look for a sheltered spot as windy positions and draughts can cause problems. Areas near an alleyway or between two buildings can sometimes be windy. Keeping both charcoal and gas bbqs away from windy areas will help.

Ideally, position the barbecue on solid ground. This will help maintain it in a rigid position and is far safer than leaving on the grass. It will also be easier to clean the ground from any spills that may occur.

BBQ Party Checklist

The key to a successful bbq is planning. About one week before the bbq you need to start planning to make sure everything runs smoothly. At least 7 days in advance of your party you need to ;

  • Check the weather forecast
  • Send invites out (texting is a very easy way to do this)
  • Get any special dietary requirements
  • Check level of patio gas in your gas bbq, check charcoal etc if you don’t use gas
  • Make a shopping list for bbq consumables, charcoal, lighter fluid, patio gas, food etc etc

I think buying the food & drink on the day before the bbq is best. This way you can buy fresh produce and it will not be taking up valuable space in your freezer for weeks on end. Remember to buy local where you can

  • Buy food. Remember any special diet requirements.
  • Soft drinks for the designated drivers?
  • Have you got enough plates and cutlery?
  • Store food all in one place where you can get at it easily
  • Marinate any food. Meat takes several hours, fish usually 20-30 mins
  • Check tools and test bbq. Make sure it actually works!
  • Plan the party games and sequence of events – guests love entertainment 😉

In the closing stages of planning, there are few last minute items to get sorted ;

  • Prepare any side dishes and salads
  • Claim yourself the best (and most convenient) spot for your seat. ** Top tip
  • Organise patio heaters and garden lighting for later on
  • Arrange your music compilation (ipod playlist etc)
  • Pre-make some drinks for your first guests

Once complete, pour a cold glass of beer and/or wine and enjoy! Good luck

Jack’s Top BBQ Tips

Keep all of your bbq tools in one place so they are easy to find each time. Use long handled tools to keep your hands away from the heat

Clean your barbecue after each use .. very important but not much fun

Learn to marinade meat properly. This alone will make a huge difference to your bbq efforts. No more dry and burnt flavourless meat.

Prepare and use our checklist. Jack’s 5 P’s : “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

Patio heaters help extend the evening party on several hours. Garden lighting must also be considered. Check out our range in the online shop.

Warm the fish & meat first. 1hr at room temperature will ensure the meat is more succulent and enhance the flavours. Cover in foil when you do this

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