How to Cure your Clay Chiminea to Prevent Cracking

curingIt’s important you season or cure your new chiminea before use.
Curing a clay chiminea hardens the clay, helping prevent cracks forming when it is being exposed to high temperatures.
Step One
Put a few inches of sand in the bottom of your chiminea and build up a small fire slowly using balls of paper.
Allow this fire to got out naturally and the chiminea to cool down.
Step Two
Build a slightly larger fire using small pieces of wood or kindling. Again, allow the fire to go out naturally and the chiminea to cool.
Step Three

Repeat Step Two a further 2 times, gradually increasing the size of the fire and making it a little hotter each time.
It is important that you allow the fire to always burn out naturally and the chiminea cool down.


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