Time To Store Summer Away in a Box

by Joanna Hazelton on October 4, 2012 · 0 comments

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Time to Store Summer Away in a BoxNow I know size isn’t everything. And bigger isn’t necessarily always better. It’s what use you make of it and where you put it that’s important.

But this is exactly my dilemma at the moment. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my time for lounging in the garden is finally over and it’s now time to store summer away in a box until next year. But where?

You know how it is – sun loungers, garden chairs, tables, cushions, patio sets, parasols, barbecues, chimineas – and that’s even before you take into account all the children’s stuff! It’s any wonder we could actually move around in our garden this year – Health and Safety would have had a field day!

But of course it all has to go somewhere now until next year.

The garden shed is the obvious place but that is crammed full with several generations of bikes the kids have outgrown along with all my husband’s tools and off cuts of wood from the playhouse he built for the kids. (Yes, DIY is also something I can add to his ‘handy‘ list after gardening and cooking. There really is no end of things he can do with his hands – I’m a very lucky lady!).

So I need to find good, alternative garden storage. But what type is best? This really isn’t my normal kind of dilemma – deliberating about what pair of boots to buy is much more my thing, not garden storage boxes, so I’m a little out of my depth. But shopping is shopping after all so it should be fun!

Wooden Garden Chest

I’ve started looking already and to be quite honest I really had no idea I would be so spoilt for choice. Wooden garden chests, plastic storage boxes, metal storettes, wooden wallstores, bike sheds, box stores,……and so it goes on.

Leisuretime Storage Box

Now, as I’ve said, garden storage is not really my forte. But I do think perhaps a garden storage box is the best way to go. Easy to get into with a lift up lid – and some even have double opening front doors thrown in too! Lots of room for the children’s toys, cushions, folding chairs and tables – and nice and compact so it won’t be an eyesore in the garden. Perfect.

I’ve actually also found a lovely log store that would look fabulous at the side of the house. I’m not going to let the fact that we’ve never used our open fire put me off, mind you – chimney sweeping is something I’m sure my husband will be keen to add to his repertoire!

Anyway, decision made so that’s enough time spent on storage box shopping for now; I’m off to get that fabulous pair of boots I’ve just seen in the sale…!

If you, too, need some inspiration for where to keep all your garden bits and pieces, check out Jack’s superb Garden Storage range offering a wide selection of wooden, plastic and metal storage solutions in a variety of sizes at fantastic prices. You’ll be spoilt for choice, just like me.

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