Garden Furniture – Buying during the winter months

Garden Furniture - Royalcraft Teak Hamilton 2 Seater Garden Bench
Garden Furniture - Royalcraft Teak Hamilton 2 Seater Garden Bench

As the temperatures cool and autumnal days slowly start to turn darker and colder, winter will soon be upon us. For those who love pottering around the garden, it is a time when patio furniture is locked away for next year, the garden tidied for the winter and the all-important barbecue gets locked into the shed for the next few months.
That said, this doesn’t mean that your plans for the garden need to be on hold until the first tentative buds of spring appear sometime in 2012.
Indeed, if you are thinking of buying some new garden furniture for your home, then now may well be the best time possible to consider making the purchase.
The reason is simple. Many stores that sell garden furniture are now making plans for the Christmas season. To make space in their stores for these goods, many of the out-of-season goods, such as items to do with the summer, are sold with massive reductions in price. This means items like garden seats, benches, sun loungers and the like are all often available at a much lower price than earlier in the year.

Garden Furniture Options

The question then is; which is the best option for your garden given the types of garden furniture available?
If you have a small garden, where space is at a premium, then a small garden bench or chair may be a wise choice. An alternative is to use a sun lounger as they fold down easily and can be stored elsewhere, freeing up space in the garden.
If you have a much bigger space available then you have considerable options available. A full garden furniture set consisting of chairs, table and umbrella is always a favoured choice, whether that is in a natural wood or metal construction. An alternative, if you prefer a more minimalist approach, is a cafe table and chair set up, ideal for morning coffee and croissant while you read the papers.

Garden Entertainment

If entertainment is a priority, then benches are a great idea and you can even find garden swings that are both practical and great fun for children to sit and play on. If you are a couple, you can look for ‘love seats’ or a beautiful arbour, which will give the garden a really classical feel.
Don’t forget that your look can be completed with a variety of other items ranging from hammocks and gazebos to fire pits, barbecues and patio heaters.
Although winter may not be the most obvious time to search for garden furniture, it is potentially a good time as many companies are selling previous stock at a reduced price to make way for winter lines. You won’t put as big a hole in your monthly income accounts by buying your garden furniture now and if you have a shed or outbuilding in which to store it, now is the perfect time to begin getting your garden ready for the summer of 2012.

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