Go Green whilst watering your garden – Eco-friendly watering ideas

At Jacks Garden Store we are an Eco-friendly bunch! We are always looking to share new ideas and tips on how to take care of your garden and environment. Today we will look at watering your garden.
Now that the summer has finally arrived and we are receiving some long awaited good weather our gardens may be beginning to suffer slightly. You may have noticed that during the hot and dry weather your plants begin to wilt and cannot survive without regular garden watering.
Before you reach for the hose pipe or sprinkler please read my top tips on watering your garden in an environmentally friendly way!
Water Butts
Water butts collect rainwater that can be used to water your garden during dry spells. Investing in a water butt is a great idea as they will last you a lifetime and provide great water storage. You can use buckets and other items such as ice-cream tubs to collect rainwater as well. Watering your garden with this water is fantastic for both your garden and the environment!
Brown Water
Brown water is the term used for water collected from the house e.g. bath water or washing up water. Brown water can be used on any part of your garden that is inedible. It shouldn’t be used on vegetable patches, herb gardens or fruit trees. Using brown water is incredibly good for the environment as large amounts of water used during a bath are being instantly re-used. If you use an environmentally friendly form of washing up liquid this will be better for your garden than a chemical mainstream type.
Use Mulch
Mulch in a flower bed or garden planter will help your soil to retain more water thus reducing the amount of watering your garden requires.
Drip irrigation
A drip irrigation system can be set up throughout your flower beds or around your greenhouse to give your plants the optimum amount of water throughout the day. Irrigation systems water your plants at the base which is exactly where a plant should receive water so that it is quickly absorbed by the roots. Drip irrigation is the most efficient way of watering your garden with the least amount of water wasted. The only downside to this type of watering is that it can be expensive to set up and if you have a large garden pretty impractical.
Hoses and Sprinklers
If you do choose to use a sprinkler or hose system to water your garden, please make sure you do so sparingly. Water your garden either first thing or last thing at night not during the day when a lot of the water will be lost through evaporation. Do not keep your sprinkler on for any longer than required as excess water will simply run off of your lawn and be wasted.
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2 thoughts on “Go Green whilst watering your garden – Eco-friendly watering ideas

  1. I recently learned another tip that I felt worthy of sharing. Cut the bottom of a 2 liter soda bottle. Stick the spout as deep into the soil as you can (to avoid tipping when the other end is filled with rainwater) around your plants . It's not going to keep your soil constantly watered, but every little bit helps to avoid using the hose! Rainwater is so much better for your plants anyway as filtered water strips away many nutrients plants need. I do my best to collect rainwater until I can buy a water butt or rain barrel.
    Radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

  2. Winter house plant watering:
    Water butts should be removed to avoid splitting in the frosts and store upside down if outside.
    During Winter melting spells I am experimenting using 2 and 4Lt plastic milk bottles in the rainwater gullys and then emptying into watering cans for watering house plants. They lay flat and a hole is cut near thebase on one side.
    The tap water is chlorinated and rainwater is better for plants.
    These water traps are also helping to prevent the build up of leaves in the gullys.
    If they freeze, take them indoors to melt. Keep the tops screwed on and use for pouring without spillage. Cost zero!

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