How to choose the right garden furniture.

Whether you planning to entertain outdoors for a large number of people or are simply looking for a place to sit and relax with a loved one, choosing the right garden furniture can sometimes be rather difficult as there are so many designs and styles to choose from. Here at Jacks Garden Store we have put together a fantastic guide to help you through the decision process.
What will you use your garden furniture for?
Who will be using it?

Think carefully about what you will use your garden furniture for, are you planning to have lots of barbeque’s or large parties outdoors this year?
Alternatively are you simply looking for a place for your family to dine outdoors on sunny days. You may want a table to sit at and drink morning coffee with a friend.
Think carefully about what and who will be using your outdoor furniture set as this will play a crucial part in the size of table and number of seats you require. If you have a large garden you can choose whether to have one large dining area or create several seating areas around your garden which will help you catch the sun at different points of the day.
Family barbeques and outdoor dining
If you have a young growing family and want to create an outdoor dining area for you all to enjoy food cooked freshly on a barbecue during the summer months buying a picnic table could be the best option. In terms of cost, picnic tables are less expensive than other forms of outdoor tables and chairs. A picnic table is strong, durable, can be easily wiped clean and can fit lots of people around. A large rectangular table with benches is great as it allows you to fit lots of children on each bench meaning that if your children want friends over you do not have to try and find extra chairs. One disadvantage of a picnic table is that fixed benches can be awkward for the elderly. If you do have elderly relatives and would like to buy a picnic table I would definitely recommend opting for one with movable benches instead of fixed ones.
Garden Furniture set for one or two people
A bistro table is wonderful for intimate outdoor dining or for sitting and relaxing with a book alone. If you enjoy having morning coffee with a friend outdoors in the sun this type of table and chairs is perfect for you. A Bistro set is ideal if you only have a small amount of outdoor space e.g. a verandah or courtyard garden as it won’t make your garden won’t feel too overcrowded.
Entertaining large numbers
If you plan to entertain lots of people outdoors it would be worthwhile investing in a large outdoor table and chair set. You can purchase large tables with 6-12 chairs included and have the option of purchasing additional chairs in the set if required. If you do need to buy a large amount of outdoor furniture do check that you have adequate storage space in a garage or shed to put the extra seating when it is not required. Alternatively if you plan to host informal events in your back garden you may wish to have a medium sized table and chair set and add a few benches to your garden where people can sit, relax and talk in small groups.
There are many different styles of garden furniture available in wood, metal and glass.You must decide which type of material will compliment and fit in with your garden design.
Hardwood garden furniture
This includes teak, oak and ash. Hardwood is incredibly strong and durable and any garden furniture made from this type of timber will be extremely long-lasting. Protect your timber garden furniture by keeping it indoors over the winter and treat with wood preserve regularly. If you do like the rustic weathered look then you do not need to move your furniture indoors during the winter.
Softwood garden furniture
This includes materials such as pine and has a country cottage look to it.
Aluminium and metal garden furniture
The benefit of buying metal garden furniture is that it is extremely durable and maintenance free. Aluminium or metal garden furniture can be left outdoors all year round.

Glass garden furniture

This type of outdoor garden furniture can look very attractive in a garden but special considerations must be made if you have small children playing outdoors. If you do you may want to consider a safer alternative to glass.
Garden Furniture accessories
Use a parasol to provide shelter and shade whilst you dine outdoors.
Cushions on your outdoor seats will not only provide comfort but will enhance the appearance of your outdoor furniture set.
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Good luck
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