Guide to Timber Gazebos – Jack’s top tips on creating the perfect covered seating area in your garden

One of the best ways of improving the appearance of your garden is to add a gazebo. These outdoor garden arch structures really add the wow factor to your garden! As well as looking beautiful erecting a gazebo in a British garden is also extremely practical as it provides a sheltered covered space for you to sit and relax or dine outdoors whatever the weather.
A gazebo is a timber garden structure with a roof and partially open sides which enables you to sit and relax in your garden sheltered from the sun or protected from the rain whilst still being able to enjoy the beauty of your garden. Gazebos are pavilion-like timber structures that come in all shapes and sizes. Most are spacious enough to comfortably sit 4-8 people. When purchasing a Gazebo you can choose whether to opt for one with open sides or alternatively one with fenced or panelled sides.
Before you buy a gazebo please think about the space you have available for it. Remember that a large structure can look too imposing in a small space and instead of improving the appearance of your garden will in fact do the opposite. Make sure you purchase a gazebo that will blend into your garden.
You can choose whether to make your new gazebo the main attraction in your garden or alternatively a hidden retreat covered by plants and shrubs. Either way you must think carefully about your plans for the structure well in advance of buying it. If you are planning to make it a focal point in your garden you will need to ensure you have enough room to carry this off. Your garden will need to be clutter free and manicured. Alternatively if you are planning to blend your gazebo into the backdrop of your garden think about what flowers you would like to grow around and up it’s garden trellis, Roses and Clematis are both good choices. One other great use for a gazebo is to cover a hot tub. Check out Jacks garden store for a wide range of designs to suit any requirement.
If you have a small garden you may want to consider purchasing a garden abour instead of a gazebo. Arbours offer a wonderful secluded seating area that plants can grow up and around creating a wonderful sheltered and magical place to sit and enjoy your garden.
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