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Solar Fountains – Are they the way forward?

A solar fountain does exactly what it says on the tin! It is powered by the sun and allows you to have the relaxing sound of flowing water in your garden without any requirement for electricity.

How it works?

Each fountain has solar panels which enable it to capture the sun’s energy and use this to power the water through the fountain jet. As no electricity is required, so no cables or power cords have to be used. This will save you money in the long run. Always place your solar panel in a spot where it will receive lots of direct sunlight. The solar panel in most cases is separate to your fountain so you can even enjoy a solar fountain indoors as long as you position the solar panel in direct sunlight.

Spray heights of your solar powered water feature will vary from 12cm to 2.5 metres. The most popular types of solar fountains currently on the market are the floating solar fountain, the solar pond fountain, the solar wall fountain and the solar birdbath.

If we look firstly at the floating solar fountain, this is an extremely unique product. The fountain floats around your pond on its own individual lily pad. The pump sprays the water pretty high in the air and will definitely catch any guest’s attention.

The solar bird bath fountain creates a lovely splashing sound in your bird bath which attracts birds to your garden. For every avid bird watcher this product is a must. However do note that whilst the fountain is in use you must never allow the water pump to run dry, this will mean checking the bird bath especially on those hot summers days to ensure there are sufficient water levels.

Benefits of solar fountains

Solar fountains can be used virtually anywhere as long as the solar panel is positioned in direct sunlight and add beauty to your garden. You do not need to consider proximity to a power source, which is great for those with larges gardens. Solar fountains are environmentally friendly and need very little maintenance. The panel itself has no moving parts and the energy source it generates has no emissions, no fuel or no noise.

Downfalls or drawbacks

As with any product unfortunately there are always a few drawbacks which need to be considered. On a cloudy day some solar fountains may not work or when they do are incredibly slow. The best way to resolve this is to purchase a solar pump. These pumps are able to store energy and can be used when the fountain itself is running low on reserves. More and more manufacturers are now including the pump with the solar fountain kit.

Jacks top tip! : In order to get the most out of your solar water feature, position the solar panel so that it is north facing.

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