Roof and Floor Insulation Information

Our cabin insulation kits are provided to make for a DIY installation.

These kits include the necessary components for floor and roof insulation installation.

Insulating your log cabin building will help to extend the lifespan of your building with temperature control, both up and down, throughout the seasons.

Once insulated, adding a heat source such as a thermostatic oil filled radiator will keep your building warm and cosy in the winter months.

The insulation will also keep your cabin cooler in the warmer months.

Our insulation boards include low emissivity foil facings giving an effective thermal performance for your roof and floor areas.


The roof insulation kit consists of 25mm foil backed insulation boards and 11mm OSB boards.

  • Place the insulation boards on top of roof boards.
  • Starting at the base of the roof, cover the whole roof with the insulation boards.
  • You will need to cut the last boards to ensure 100% coverage from top to bottom and side to side.
  • The insulation boards should be fitted tight up against each other and secured to the roof boards with suitable length screws and/or foil tape (not provided).
  • Once the insulation boards are fitted then place the OSB boards on top of the insulation boards and fix through to the log cabin roof, with suitable length screws (not supplied) in all four corners of each OSB board and fix more along the endges and the centres
  • Finally, cover the roof with your chosen roof covering i.e. roofing felt, felt shingles tiles, EPDM rubber roof covering etc.

When choosing your screws, make sure they are of the length that will hold the boards in place but not protrude through your roof boards and show on your cabin ceiling. You want the screws to screw into, but not through, your roof board thickness.

Common size of screws that would work on most roofs, not all roofs, to fix the OSB board through the insulation board to the acual log cabin roof board would be 40mm-45mm long and have a 4mm shank (4x40 , 4x45)

1. Roof boards - usually supplied with your log cabin

2. Insulation boards - provided in our insulation kits

3. OSB sheets - provided in our insulation kits

4. Roofing shingles / roofing felt - usually an optional extra from your log cabin supplier


The floor insulation kit consists of the 25mm insulation boards.

We recommend using timber battens/laths or screws (not provided) to support insulation boards and keep them off the floor and near to the underside of the floorboards.

First fix the battens or screws to the sides of the floor joists.

Then cut the insulation boards to size, so that they will sit tightly between the floor joists

Install insulation boards by pushing down onto the battens/laths or screw shanks and then the fix floorboards as you should to the floor joists.

A common size of screw used to hold the insulation board off the floor and near to the underside of your cabin floor is a 4 x 50mm size. You can of course use any suitable screw.