• Ensure ground location is of firm and level footing with any additional materials being pre-laid in readiness (eg. paving slabs, etc.)
  • Prepared area should be free from any obstructions (eg. manhole covers, etc.)
  • Prepared area should be free from overhanging obstacles (eg. tree branches, power lines, etc.)
  • The area should allow the building to be installed providing access to all sides.
  • Greenhouse accessories can only be installed in conjunction with a greenhouse installation.
  • The installation price includes erection of the base, greenhouse frame and the glass only. 
  • Some of the greenhouse accessories can be installed at a separate installation price per item.
  • Installation will be completed within 10 working days of the greenhouse delivery.
  • Please ensure you have pre-checked your garden building 72 hours before installation, reporting any problems to Customer Service on 01242 676625.