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The column on the right provides a short explanation of our privacy policy and is not legally binding (thanks to 500px for this inspired idea!)

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This document explains how we use your personal information. Whenever this changes, we’ll update this document.

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We do our best to keep your personal information private, and we are bound by the UK laws about data protection including GDPR.

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We’ll need some personal information when you make a purchase, when you leave a review, post a comment or ask a question.

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We’ll also use your personal information to analyse how the site is used, in order to improve its usability.

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We won’t hang on to your information any longer than we have to.

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We won't pass your information to anyone without your permission

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You can contact us about your personal information

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A cookie is a message given to your web browser by a web server. The browser stores the message in a text file on your computer. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.

Cookies identify visitors and allow us to prepare customised web pages for them when they return.

We use cookies to make the site more user-friendly, not to invade your privacy! If you want to you can switch cookies off.

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The site is hosted in the UK, and your personal information lives on our server.

We also use MailChimp ( a bulk emailing service) to send you email, if you are subscribed to our email newsletter. MailChimp is hosted in the US, and is therefore bound by US data law.

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Like most online retailers we use Google to advertise. Google may collect information on you, but it's only sent to us in an aggregated format, so we don't actually know what you had for breakfast or what colour your underpants are. To be honest, we're far too busy to really care. Sorry.

If you think this is all too 'Big Brother' you have the option to opt out here.