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Garden Toys

We've always liked to extol the virtues of kids playing outside in the garden, primarily for their health and well-being but, it has to be said, for the sanity of their parents too. And with this ever-increasing society of hi-tech kids, we've put together a fantastic selection of garden games and toys to tempt them into the garden.

Smaller kids will love our Choo Choo train and Sailer sandpits, water play tables and fun wigwam play tents, while older children can spend hours on one of our action packed climbing frames - cargo nets, slides, rope ladders, swings, climbing ramps, wooden rungs - you name it, they've got it!  You'll never get them in for tea!

And for the big kids - you know who you are! - there's our range of silly garden games. Race around on spacehoppers or bring school sports day to your garden with egg and spoon and sack races. Perfect for parties. And if you're not keen to over exert yourself, how about a sedate game of croquet?

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