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RubberGard EPDM Information


  1. The Firestone RubberGard EPDM LSFR Low Slope Fire Retardant membrane is a 100% cured roofing membrane made of a synthetic rubber Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer. The sheet is made of two plies of compound with improved fire performance.


  1. Roofing structure needs to be stable enough to support the temporary loading. Substrates need to be clean, smooth, dry and free of sharp edges, loose or foreign materials, oil, grease and other materials that may damage the membrane. All surface voids greater than 5 mm wide shall be properly filled with an acceptable fill material.


  1. Allow the membrane to relax for approximately 30 minutes before splicing or final securement. Install the RubberGard EPDM LSFR membrane in accordance with the installation instructions and details.


  1. The dimensions of the membrane are calculated to cover the substrate, including seam overlaps (100 mm for standard seams - 200 mm for seams with batten in the seam) and upstands. Provide an additional length (150 mm) at upstands for easy manipulation.

  1. * Improved fire-resistance properties

  2. * Excellent resisance to UV and ozone

  3. * Improved fire-resistance properties

  4. * Retains elasticity at low temperature and resistant to temperature shocks up to 250°C

  5. * Excellent resistance to alkali rains, less resistant to oil products. 

  6. * Contact with mineral and vegetable oils, petroleum based products, hot bitumen and grease must be avoided.
  1. Store away from sources of punctures and physical damage, ignition sources and open flame.

Shelf Life:
  1.  Unlimited

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