Backyard Living – A Guide to Throwing the Best Outdoor Party

Summer’s finally here! No wait, it’s gone again, no it’s here! It’s finally starting properly! Wait, no, that was just a sunny spell… okay how about now? No, too soon. My point is, summer is going to start any second now and when it does you want to be ready, and that means it’s time to get out in the garden and start soaking up the sun with a few close friends, relatives, acquaintances and anyone you know who’s going to bring beer.
So to make sure that your garden party goes off with a bang, here are a few essential hints.
The Secret is Timing
As you may have noticed the weather is a wee bit unpredictable at the moment. So you want to pay close attention to the weather forecasts in the run up to your party; the last thing you want is for it to get rained off. Otherwise your garden party becomes a house party and they are a lot harder to clean up after.
Get Your Garden Right
You want the garden to be looking nice, ready for all the people who are about to come and trample all over it. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubberies, tidy up any kids’ toys that have been left lying around.
There’s more you can do that will help the party go with a swing. Hang up fairy lights around the garden to give it a lovely ambience when the sun does start to go in.
The Catering
Of course a venue does not make a party. You want to make sure all the guests are fed and watered as well. There’s an easy way to do this. Get a couple of disposable barbecue trays and tell everyone to bring a bottle and some sort of meat product. Then you just need to stock up on bread buns, crispy snacks, dips and condiments.
Try experimenting a bit beyond the standard burgers and sausages; try a bit of seafood for instance. Shrimp and salmon go great on a barbecue, as do some marinated spicy chicken legs. And, of course, a big crate of beer tends to make everything run a little more smoothly.
The Sound of Music
Your taste in music is going to be a big factor in the mood of the party. For starters, your party is outdoors so you have to consider not just your taste, and the taste of your guests, but the tastes of any nearby neighbours whose own sunny afternoon you might be ruining (pro tip: ditch the drum and bass). Try to go for music that’s lively but on the mellow side – stuff with plenty of guitar usually goes down well.
Being the Host with the Most
Preparation is an essential part of throwing a party but it’s not the only part. Once the guests arrive, as the host you still have a responsibility to make sure the food keeps coming, the drinks keep flowing and the crowd keeps mingling. Keep moving around the party, say hi to guests as and when they arrive and, most of all, have fun. Remember, if your guests see you having fun, they’ll have fun, so don’t get too stressed out. Have a beer and a burger and enjoy.
Mark Bartram is the managing director of Lawnmowers Direct, and throws a great garden party.

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