No Fireworks Tonight, Darling

No Fireworks for you Tonight, DarlingNo, it can’t be. Not that time of year again already. It only feels like yesterday I was frolicking through fields picking buttercups….
But there really is no escaping it now and I have to face the fact that the clocks go back soon. Although an extra hour in bed in the morning will be welcome. Ah, yes, we have kids, that’s not going to happen.
Then before we know it, we’ll be carving pumpkins, trick or treating, toasting (or is it burning?) marshmallows on the bonfire, scorching fingers on sparklers and attempting to keep our fireworks vertical and from not flying horizontally through our fence into the neighbours’ garden (my husband has been banned from lighting a firework ever again!).
And then it will be……no, I can’t bring myself to say the word just yet.
So I have months of dark mornings, dark evenings, frost, fog, sleet and snow to look forward to. Yay. But I know I can’t change the inevitable so I’ve decided to embrace this time of year and be sociable. And so an outdoor bonfire party is definitely on the agenda – but without the fireworks, darling!
You can’t beat a good party, whatever time of year. And I’m counting on the fact that after a glass or 3 of Sauvignon Blanc I’ll be quite oblivious to the cold. But I’m planning ahead and thinking about outdoor heating and have decided to invest in a good firepit for us to huddle around to keep our toes warm.

Prestige Firepit
The Danny Devito of firepits

I’ve actually found the daddy of all firepits, the Prestige, which will be a fabulous focal point for the party. And at 5ft tall it’s exactly the same height as the actor Danny DeVito! Bet you’d never have made that connection!
So what else will I need to make this bonfire party go off with a bang? (sorry – cheap pun I know!)
My husband is always up for a good barbecue although our makeshift couple of breeze blocks and old grill balancing between them is probably due for an upgrade – there are only so many sausages he’ll be able to burn on there. So I’m having a look at some gas barbecues where he can actually control the temperature!
Rowlinson Party Arbour
Your barbecue will never have been so organised

And I’ve got my eye on a clever party arbour that you can convert from a seat into a cooking station for your barbecue with handy side tables. Perfect space for all the barbecue essentials. Job done! My husband will never have been so organised.
So, all in all, I think I have everything covered. Throw in a few sparklers, grab some indoor fireworks (hilarious if my childhood memories serve me well – and, even in my husband’s hands, safe, which is more to the point!) and we’re there. Even I think this could be a fun way to mark the beginning of winter.
Go on, why don’t you have some fun too? Outdoor parties aren’t just for summer. And don’t forget, Jack is the place to go to stock up with all your outdoor party essentials – wine excluded!

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