Keeping Your Car in the Garage – That’s So Yesterday…!

Keeping your Car in the Garage - That's So Yesterday...!7.30am Sunday morning, I was up and dressed and out of the house on my way to the gym – impressed hey? But despite my good intentions I fell at the first hurdle; it was a frosty morning and my car was frozen. I couldn’t find the scraper and I didn’t want to risk the wrath of my neighbours by leaving the car engine running at that time on a Sunday morning.
So I made a hasty retreat indoors.
Now, I know; if I’d really wanted to have my hour on the treadclimber I’d have tried a little harder to get to the gym. It’s only down the road after all and I do have a bike. But it was very, very cold don’t forget.
Anyway, it got me thinking and I’ve come up with a far better solution to deal with frosty mornings – I’m going to get my husband to build a garage. That way I won’t have to worry about waking the neighbours on my early morning visits to the gym (while they last!).
Yes, a garage is definitely the way to go and, as you know, my husband is very handy and likes a good challenge. Well, actually, I like to give him a good challenge and he doesn’t like to say no.
Thinking about it, why don’t we just turn the garage into a gym and cut out the car from the equation altogether?! That sounds like a plan. And how romantic – his and hers exercise bikes. My husband is going to love that as I know he’s always up for a good workout.
Apparently only a quarter of all houses in the UK that have a garage actually use them for their cars. Home gyms, offices, games rooms, children’s dens, granny annexes are all popular. But how about something a little different like a spa room or music studio or whacky like a drive-in cinema or bowling alley?! And I’m sure some could even squeeze in a mini indoor swimming pool! There are no end of possibilities.
And how about this for the tardis of all garages? I was reading in the paper last week about a couple who disguised their home as a garage to fool the local authorities. Behind fake double garage doors was a 30ft high, 2 storey house with 2 double bedrooms with ensuites, a modern kitchen, satellite dish and 3 skylights in a pitched roof! Madness.

Murryhill 12x10 Metal Garage
Don't waste it on the car!

I think I’ll just stick with the gym idea for now. Although it is tempting to throw in a sofa bed and make it into a little “husband” annexe for those nights when he’s not in the shed!
Of course, the one down side of having the garage is that I won’t be able to blame frosty mornings any more for not being able to get to the gym. There’ll be no excuses now – the pressure’s on……
With all these great ideas floating around, why not check out Jack’s range of fantastic, spacious garages, throw caution to the wind and see what you can do with the space – using it for a car is so yesterday…..

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