How to beat the hosepipe ban (legally!)

So it’s official then – the inevitable news us gardeners have been dreading for some time: The hosepipe ban in the south and east of England came into force last week, after two unusually dry winters have left our reservoirs way below expected levels. Depending on how much rain we get in the spring, other parts of England could also introduce bans.
Ironically as I type this, it’s tipping down with rain!
So that means  watering your garden with your hosepipe could land you in court facing a fine of up to £1000. (Having said that, previous hosepipe bans have never led to prosecution). If you want more information, there’s an excellent Q&A on the hosepipe ban on the BBC.

How to beat the ban (and not break the law!)

So what can we do to make sure our gardens don’t die of thirst in the coming months, without breaking the law? The Beeb have also helpfully published eight radical solutions for the water shortage, which include spending billions on reservoirs, fixing leaky pipes, and building cross-country pipelines! Of course that is somewhat beyond you and me. We’ll leave that to the government.
However, as luck would have it, with perfect timing, we’ve just introduced a brand new product to our range that will help to minimise the effects of the ban – and keep your garden watered in the coming months: the Hugo Collapsible Water Barrel 200L

HUGO Collapsible Water Barrel - 200L
HUGO Collapsible Water Barrel - 200L

Introducing the Hugo

Let me tell you a bit about this ingenious, award-winning new garden product:
The 200 litre HUGO Water Barrel is made of a collapsible, robust material , which is both UV and frost proof. It will support itself whilst filling, and once it’s full it’s incredibly hard to accidentally knock it over.
A level indicator shows how much water you have (up to a huge 200 litres), and helps you add the right percentage of  fertilisers, if necessary.

Dual tap

The dual tap – which will fit any standard UK hose connector – allows the hose to be connected and irrigate at distance from the water barrel, as well as filling a bucket watering can at the same time! If you need more water capacity, you can daisy chain two or more Hugos together! Inspired!

Did we mention it’s collapsible?

It’s very easy to clean, and best of all can be collapsed down flat, for the storing over the winter.
Made from eco-friendly, recycled raw materials, the Hugo Water Barrel has won 3 GLEE awards for Best of Show, Best Eco-Product and Best Garden Care Product.
In the dry months ahead, the Hugo will prove to be an invaluable way deal with the hosepipe ban and keep your garden watered. We’re big fans of the Hugo, here at Jack’s Garden Store!
The Hugo Water Barrel is available now from Jack’s Garden Store for just £120 – with free delivery throughout the UK
Beat the ban with this clever, funky water barrel
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