How to create a Bird-Friendly Garden

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Birds are among the most beautiful and elegant creatures on the planet, which is why there’s nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than sitting in your garden and watching the birds frolic around. While many birds will find some appealing aspect of your garden no matter what, there are a number of things you can do to increase the likelihood of getting unique visitors year-round. Here are some tips for creating a bird-friendly garden.

Provide the three essentials

The first and perhaps most important way to establish a bird-friendly garden is to provide the three essentials for birds: food, water and shelter. There are ways to do this more organically, which I’ll cover in the following points, but buying bird feeders, birdbaths and birdhouses is a key first step.

These three items will give you the basics for attracting an array of birds and will also give it a quaint look and feel. Since there are so many different bird species, it’s also a great idea to diversify the types of feeders you disperse through your garden for maximum variety.

Grow plants birds will enjoy

If you want a more natural way to attract birds, research native plants in your area that birds enjoy. By planting native shrubbery, birds will feel more comfortable in your yard and will therefore be more inclined to stick around. Another great thing to consider are plants that provide seeds or berries to feed the birds in your area, which cuts down on the cost of refilling bird feeders. It’s important to grow native plants because those are the ones birds will be most familiar with.

Create a compost heap or wormery

The Worm Works Wormery

The Worm Works Wormery

The stereotype of birds is that they love seeds, but the fact is that there are many species where seed is a small portion of their diet. Worms and insects attract a number of birds because they get the most protein from insects. Easy ways to get these critters into your garden are establishing a compost heap or forming a wormery. Another idea that attracts insects is piling leaves off to a corner. You’ll see birds around these areas in no time.

Keep it safe

If you’ve ever watched a bird for a few minutes, you’ll notice how terribly paranoid it is. Birds are always on the lookout for danger or potential dangers, which is why it’s important to make sure your garden is safe from predators. This means keeping your pet cats indoors (which helps raise their lifespan anyway) and arranging the feeders in a way that gives birds maximum visibility without being vulnerable.

Make your garden busy

Along the same lines as safety, birds are wary of open spaces. Having a baron garden with little cover, shrubbery, structures and other items will not be conducive to bringing in birds. Also, buying decorations and other things for your garden will make it a giant playground that will have a beautiful array of birds flocking to your property.

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