Growing a Potted Vegetable Garden

Some of us are blessed with wonderful and nutrient-filled soil for growing delicious vegetables and other outdoor treats! Unfortunately, some of us need to constantly work at making our soil even tolerable for what we would like to plant. For those that don’t have much outdoor space or for those that have very poor soil, there is an easy way to make sure that all the time and effort you put forth to growing that small vegetable garden pays off. Try this solution: plant your vegetables in containers! You can control your soil content, you don’t need much space and your options of vegetables are basically limitless. Here are some tips on how to grow a healthy potted vegetable garden that you and the rest of family can enjoy!
In order to get started, you need to select containers that you wish to grow your vegetables in. Basically anything can be used. I even have a friend who grew her tomatoes in an old wine barrel! No matter your container, make sure that it has holes in the bottom of it. If not, it is quite easy to drill a few holes in the base of your container. This allows the water to drain properly and allows the water to filter through the plants. Now, depending on which vegetables you want to grow, you need to select the appropriate sized container. For example, if you would like to grow tomatoes, you would need a larger container than if you grew radishes. Create of plan of which vegetables you would like to grow then make a list of the containers you would need to grow them properly.
Next, it is important to select the right soil. There are many mixes on the market that allow your plants to receive that needed air and water in order for them to thrive. In order to keep your vegetables growing all season long, think about adding a slow-release fertilizer in order to provide the nutrients needed for your vegetables to grow.
As with vegetable gardens that are planted in the ground, water is especially essential for those vegetables that are planted in containers. Be sure to check on your potted vegetable garden daily and water when necessary. You’ll find it to be more frequent than you think.
Now the tough part, deciding on which vegetables to grow! Again, depending on the size of your containers, you may be slightly limited. Vegetables which grow extremely well in containers include: cucumbers, green beans, herbs (although not a vegetable, herbs grow very well in containers), peppers, radishes, and tomatoes. It is important that when you select your seeds or plants to see if they come in a compact version, in order to ensure that they do not need very large containers.
As you can see, anyone anywhere can grow a potted vegetable garden and truly enjoy the fruits of their labor all year long!
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