Why the BBC needs to stop “dumbing down” garden shows

by Jack Gardener on July 5, 2010 · 0 comments

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At Jacks Garden Store we have always been aware that gardening programmes on the BBC have  had a vast number of loyal viewers. Recently Elizabeth Banks the first ever woman president of the Royal Horticultural Society has accused the BBC of “dumbing down” its garden shows such as Gardeners World. Banks went on to express that she felt the broadcaster appeared to be “scared of plants” and came across as rather patronising to the British gardener.

The BBC show chose to use common plant names instead of using Latin names which can cause confusion as the common names can vary in different countries.

The president of the Royal Horticultural Society would love to see the BBC improve its gardening programme focusing more on plants and not to worry about coming across too high brow or snobby. Banks further states that “the plantsmanship, the excitement, the range of plants seems to have gone. I do feel the BBC is scared of plants and plant names.”

A spokesman for the BBC responded to Banks comments by explaining “The BBC works very closely with the Royal Horticultural Society” and “absolutely refute any suggestion that the BBC’s coverage of gardening is in any way ‘dumbing down’.”

Viewing figures for this show are high and consistent. It manages to attract a far larger share of the UK TV audience for a show on at this time on BBC2.

At Jacks Garden Store we would be interested to see what you think……Do you regularly watch the show and feel that it is in any way patronising?

What would you like to see more of on a gardening programme such as Gardeners World?

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