Watering your lawn during a drought

by Jack Gardener on July 2, 2010 · 1 comment

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Is your lawn suffering in the drought?

British lawns across the country are looking dry and brown thanks to the current lack of rain and an invasion of bugs.

In some areas hose pipe bans and restrictions have already been put into place meaning that unless you find alternative methods to water your garden your lawn will continue to look worse.

The chafer beetle larvae is also attacking your lawns as they flourish in this warm weather and enjoy eating the roots of your grass.

Overall rainfall in England and Wales as been only half of what it normally is during May and June.

In order to keep your grass watered during a hosepipe ban the best thing to do is to use brown water. Water that has been used for a Bath or to wash the dishes can be reused to hydrate your lawn.

If you had been thinking in advance back in the winter you could have started a water butt in which you could of collected rain water which can be used on the garden. With the current lack of rain this method is not useful if you have not already been collecting rainwater for weeks. It would definitely be worth purchasing one now ready for when the rain does return so that you’ll never be in this predicament again.

Hose pipe bans are only currently in place in the North West where water is metered. If you live outside this area and want to remain watering your garden using a hosepipe then this is fine as long as you adhere to the following advice:

1. Only water first thing in the morning or last thing at night, as these are the optimal times for watering your lawn. Watering during the day will mean moisture is lot through instant evaporation and loss of water that drains away.

2. Don’t over water as this is not good for your lawn.

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Good Luck

Gardener Jack

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