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Beautiful flowers make your garden look fabulous during spring and the summer. A flowerless garden can often look dull and without life or energy. Read this article to find out how you can increase your flowers bloom, encourage more flowers and increase the longevity of your plants bloom.

Watering plants
During a hot summer most gardeners think that regular watering and feeding given to bedding plants is the best course of action. Recent research from Reading University has found that this is not always as beneficial to your plants as you may think. During their research they reported that frequent feeding and watering produces a higher foliage to flower ratio, the plants flower for shorter periods and are unable to cope with drought periods as well as plants that have been less watered.

The research found that your bedding plants are more able to take heat and water stress than we first thought as many originate from semi-arid or Mediterranean  destinations. When the plants in the study were given less water and food the flower to foliage ratio increased, the plants flowered for longer and were more able to withstand arid dry conditions.

The conclusion of the research from Reading university was that in order for your plants to remain healthy and bloom to their full potential they should be watered less often with higher volumes of water allowing the roots to grow deeper and create a stronger more self sufficient plant.

Pruning plants
Dead heading and pruning will give you more blooms. If you have a rose bush you can prune vigorous shoots by 12-18 inches. This will make your rose bush more shapely and the flowers far more obvious.

Plants such as Wisteria, Roses and Magnolias will produce far more flowers it positioned in a sunny spot in your garden as aim to plant them in the south rather than the north of your garden.

If you do have a garden that is often covered in shade fear not, plants grown in the shade will last longer and the flowers will not be bleached by the sunshine allowing your flowers to have a much stronger colour.

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